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Measurement Solutions Ltd is the only UK business working directly with Creaform to buy, install and maintain their equipment, making us the best choice for your 3D scanning equipment. Get in touch today.

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    Accurate point cloud data in seconds

    Creaform are the world leaders in developing handheld scanner technology designed to speed up the Design, Manufacturing, and Quality Control processes.

    3D Scanner

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    3D scanning robotic arm

    Cube-R AQC

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    MetraSCAN 3D

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    Software and

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    3D scanners are incredibly versatile, impacting almost every part of the manufacturing process from design to QC.

    Quality Control

    Inspecting parts and assemblies for manufacturing accuracy and precision.

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    Reverse Engineering

    Reconstructing existing products to analyse and improve design.

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    Rapid Prototyping

    Accelerating product development by quickly creating physical models from digital designs.

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    Tooling & Fixtures

    Developing custom tools and fixtures for manufacturing processes.

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    Why Creaform

    Creaform delivers portable, precise 3D measurement technologies, ideal for quality control, engineering, and manufacturing across various industries.

    Formed in 1998

    Global Manufacturer

    Creaform develop, manufacturer and market cutting edge portable 3D measurement technologies.

    145 Years Experience

    Over 22 years experience

    Creaform has been working in metrology for over 20 years, developing hardware and software solutions

    1,000+ Customers

    Training and support

    Creaform constantly update and train their engineers in the latest technology and applications

    Why MSL

    It’s not just 3D scanning, MSL are metrology specialists, bringing together world class solutions for a faster workflow

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