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The most demanding of all industries

The aerospace sector is one of the most demanding of all industries. Quite simply, when there are lives at stake, quality cannot be left to chance. Backed with a strong reputation for accuracy, reliability and experience, Measurement Solutions and our partners regularly work with leading aerospace companies such as BAE Systems, Boeing, Airbus, Rolls Royce, and many of their leading component suppliers.

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We have established ourselves as a performing and trusted provider of 3D measurement solutions, that can be used for applications such as.

  • Quality control & inspection
  • Aerodynamics / stress analysis
  • OEM and legacy part re-engineering
  • Reverse engineering of assemblies for for MRO, gas turbines, engine bays, nacelles, cockpits, etc.
  • MRO and damage assessment
  • Prototype, tooling and mould adjustment
  • Design and engineering of aircraft components and assemblies

Working with leading aerospace companies

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How we help impact the aerospace industry

Assess Assembly Conditions

Aerospace applications involve complex and often critical assemblies, so it is vital to be able to assess the “as-built” condition of each component in order to perform adequate simulations and fully understand the status of an assembly. Knowledge of how an assembly goes together and the position of each part relative to others throughout the assembly process can enable design adjustments such that the need for new adjustment parts can be determined.

Our range of measurement systems, including portable CMM and scanning devices, provide operators with a variety of easy-to-use and cost-effective tools for assessing components and assemblies.

Maintenance, Repair and Operations (MRO)

Reactors and turbines are costly, essential pieces of equipment that have to undergo regular maintenance. The high cost of such equipment justifies repairs which are often complex due to problems such as deterioration or wear-and-tear.

To determine the level and extent of repairs required, warping or loss of material due to wear can be measured precisely with our range of high accuracy measurement and scanning devices.

Part to CAD Inspection

All parts on a production line are subject to 3-dimensional verification from time to time throughout the manufacturing process. In aerospace, quality control is extremely comprehensive, often involving 100% inspection of all parts that can involve the measurement of many hundreds of points and hole locations, especially on free-form or complex shapes.

The need to measure efficiently is vital to ensure timely manufacture and assembly of complex aerospace assemblies. We are able to provide a wide range of products and services to assist with your inspection demands, including portable 3D CMM and scanning systems for large scale measurement applications.

Testing and Adjustment

At the start of a new production line, design tools (moulds, jigs and assembly tooling) must be periodically inspected, adjusted and calibrated as part of the on-going preventive maintenance and to ensure traceability.

Our range of portable 3D measurement systems play a major role in ensuring that the World’s leading aerospace companies deliver the expected levels of performance.

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