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How we upgrade a CMM

Our CMM upgrade and 3D measuring software update solutions give a second life to your coordinate measuring machines. The process involved is well-proven, as we have upgraded thousands of CMM’s all around the World.

Prior to any retrofit, our experienced technical team will assess your existing CMM, by performing various tests to determine the characteristics and performance of the machine. At that time, we will also discuss with the users their objectives for having a retrofit – increased accuracy, speed, software capability, probing technology, ease of use, reliability, etc. They will be able to determine the benefits of replacing controller hardware, retaining the existing controller, and any other repairs or upgrades that may be required to achieve your objectives.

Following installation of the ideal retrofit solution, our engineers will perform a complete tuning of the machine to ensure optimised movement and performance, followed by accuracy checking and CMM calibration. The CMM can be adjusted mechanically and also by advanced 23-parameter geometrical error compensation using laser interferometers.

Key features

CNC Controller

We will fully assess your existing CNC controller to consider the viability of retaining it in the future. In many cases, especially with newer CMM’s, the existing controller is still serviceable (either by us directly or via the OEM), and therefore this can result in significant cost savings. With Metrolog X4 software, we have direct interfaces to over 50 different CMM controllers from around 15 CMM manufacturers. Of course, in such cases, the performance of the CMM may be limited by the capability of the controller.

Motors and Drives

The performance of a CMM is defined by the mechanical state of the motors and drive systems in the CMM. Over time, these can be affected by mechanical wear, and therefore the performance of some older machines can suffer from time-to-time.

By performing various tests, our engineers can define the characteristics of your CMM to see if they could be improved by replacing or overhauling the drive system on your CMM.

Measurement Scales and reader heads

Many older machines use quite an old technology of scale system that involves light passing through or reflecting off a glass scale. Compared to modern day scale systems, the old glass systems don’t provide the same level of accuracy, and can often limit the speed of the CMM. Modern digital scales are relatively easy to fit to any CMM, and can extend the life and serviceability of a machine for many years.

Probe Systems

Most CMM’s use a basic touch trigger probe system, such as those manufactured by Renishaw. One reason for retrofitting a CMM is to provide the possibility to utilise more advanced probing solutions, such as scanning probes and 3D laser scanners.
In most cases, the existing OEM controller is not able to support such probing solutions, and therefore a controller retrofit is essential.

The Metrologic ME5009 controller is able to provide a solution in every case, giving your CMM a complete new lease of life and the ability to fully embrace the latest measurement technologies.

23 Parameter Error Mapping

Most modern CMM’s require additional error-mapping to compensate for built-in manufacturing errors. In some cases, even older CMM’s that were not originally error-mapped can benefit enormously from advanced software compensation to eliminate localised errors. Metrologic’s highly advanced error-mapping software enables any machine to be software compensated for any combination of up to 23 error parameters, such as pitch, roll, yaw, linearity, straightness, etc.

Error-mapping can even be applied to machines that appear to offer good measuring accuracy, with the benefit that the resulting machine is almost certainly guaranteed to be more accurate than it was before our engineers performed a full error-map. Following completion of every error map, our service team are able to provide a UKAS accredited certification of your CMM to ISO10360 requirements.

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