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A complete range of CMM solutions

COORD3 offers one of the largest ranges of CMM’s available today, a culmination of over 4 decades of experience in the design, production and sales of 3-axis coordinate measuring machines. Since 1973, the COORD3 name has been synonymous with measuring machines of superior mechanical design and construction, supported by an efficient organisation that can ensure the highest levels of assistance and support.

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Bridge CMMs

The COORD3 range includes a wide variety of machines, all offering excellent price/performance ratio, a vital factor in this market segment.

All bridge machines are built using the most advanced construction technology, and can be fitted with a vast array of probing systems, from single point touch probes to contact scanning and non-contact laser scanning systems.

Entry-level CMM


The ARES is our “entry-level” CMM – fully automatic, compact and with a measuring range up to 1000x650x500, the ARES range covers most workshop requirements with ease. Having a small machine footprint means the ARES can fit into any location, and is ideal for use in any environment.

Compact fully automatic, entry-level CMM
Friction movement without hysteresis on all axes
Rigid, air-supported strut with guide protected by bellows
Table with wide access area for easy loading operations
The KRONOS range is designed for larger scale applications
Optimized positioning of incremental optical transducers
Toothed drive belts to all axes to provide vibration free motion
Monolithic granite base plate with isostatic support and integrated Guide-ways to ensure maximum rigidity

New lightweight structure CMM


The all-new UNIVERSAL range combines a new lightweight structure with the latest assembly and design techniques to provide a high performance CMM with unquestionable accuracy. The UNIVERSAL offers by far the best price/performance ratio in this size of machine, offering extreme performance in a larger than normal measuring volume.

There is a wide range of sizes to choose from, starting from 10.07.07 right up to 30.15.13 in size, and with accuracies from 1.5+L/333 microns, there is definitely a Universal CMM suited to your measurement requirements.

Large scale applications


The KRONOS range is designed for larger scale applications, and is a viable alternative to large scale gantry CMM’s. With measuring ranges up to 4000x2000x1500, and the ability to handle parts weighing up to 5 tonnes, the KRONOS range completes the bridge machine line-up.

Lightweight structure CMM
Guide-ways protected by bellows on all axes
Large measuring volumes with wide front and side access for loading operations
Rack and pinion drives to optimise gantry handling operations even with long strokes

CMM Gantry

The COORD3 range of Gantry CMM’s guarantees excellent metrology performance when measuring large-scale objects. Gantry architecture allows operators to have total accessibility to the work area, and are ideal tools for use within heavy industry and large structure applications, such as the aerospace, automotive and power generation sectors.

The range of Gantry machines, comprising MCT, MCT STARLIGHT and MCT PLUS offers users a large choice of measuring ranges with up to 5000mm in Y axis, 3000mm in Z axis, and an X axis up to 20,000mm, with single or dual drive systems available for increased stability and accuracy.

Smaller models can also be supplied with an integrated monolithic table, eliminating the need for special foundations and providing the possibility for the machine to be easily moved to a new location in the future.

COORD3 have supplied most of the largest Gantry style CMM machines ever built, and even supply Gantry CMM’s to other CMM manufacturers for “re-branding”, such as Zeiss and Nikon Metrology.

CMM Gantry


MCT PLUS is a range of large-scale gantry CMMs designed for industrial measuring applications. Its unique structure incorporates the “Dual Drive” and the “Dual Read” system on the beams to limit structural distortion during motion while ensuring excellent metrological performance levels.

GANTRY MCT PLUS systems are particularly suitable for inspections of large components, such as marine engines and transmissions, aeronautical structures, rotors and components for nuclear and thermal power plants, as well as components of wind turbines.

Large-scale gantry CMM
MCT NT an innovative CMM gantry

CMM Gantry


The MCT NT series is characterised by an innovative mechanical design, which ensures long-term metrological accuracy while reducing periodic calibration costs.

MCT NT is also available in the NT LIGHT configuration, which features a Z ram in light aluminium alloy and a “Single Read” system on the X-axis.

CMM Gantry

MCT Starlight

The MCT NT series is characterised by an innovative mechanical design, which ensures long-term metrological accuracy while reducing periodic calibration costs.

MCT NT is also available in the NT LIGHT configuration, which features a Z ram in light aluminium alloy and a “Single Read” system on the X-axis.

CMM gantry compatible with NT Light

CMM Horizontal Arm

The COORD3 range of horizontal arms are the ideal solution for measuring thin-walled components, such as car bodies, panels, doors, vehicle glass, dashboards, and the inspection of large mechanical parts such as engine blocks, castings, etc. All systems are available in single or twin measuring configurations.

CMM Horizontal Arm

SWAN – Floor Mount

The SWAN range includes floor mount or table mount measuring arm configurations. The floor-mounted versions incorporate light and robust carriages built entirely from aluminium alloys, with double mechanical guideways that include air bearings on the X-axis to guarantee reliability, precision and quick measurement.

Image of CMM floor mounted horizontal arm.
Table mounted measuring arm configurator.

CMM Horizontal Arm

SWAN – Table Mount

The table mounted versions are attached to the side of a cast iron table. This “console” structure means the entire machine can be easily located without the need for costly construction of foundations.

CMM Horizontal Arm


The JUPITER range is notable for its high speed performance, designed specifically to tackle efficiently and solve the challenges posed by industrial, shop-floor measurement.

The open structure, which can be installed flush to the floor, the walkable covers and the entirely insulated structure guarantee maximum accessibility of the measurement space for integrated use directly within the manufacturing line.

Accessible manufacturing horizontal arm.

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