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Simplified scanning and probing workflow

VXinspect in the ideal, entry-level 3D inspection software solution for manufacturing companies conducting first article inspection (FAI) and production control.  VXinspect features all the essential functionalities required  to build a measurement sequence allowing high efficiency  when controlling multiple parts.

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Entry-level 3D inspection software solution

Key features

CAD Import

CAD imports of IGES and STEP files are supported as standard by VXinspect. This allows direct measurement comparisons with the nominal CAD models, enabling you to better understand a part’s manufacturing defects.

Multiple-Measurement Mode

Seamlessly integrates your choice of measurement modes, by supporting both contact single-point touch probe using the HandyPROBE portable CMM and non contact measurements using scanners such as the MetraSCAN 3D or the HandySCAN 3D. All devices can be combined through the unique and intuitive software interface.

Measurement Tools

VXinspect incorporates a wide range of measurement tools to enable you to carry out all types of inspection work, including probing and scanning of features and surfaces. All measurements can be compared directly with the nominal CAD data, or even to the imported mesh of a previously measured part.

Alignment Toolkit

The first step to every dimensional inspection process is to ensure the proper position and orientation of the object in 3D, according to the operational or design requirements of the part. This ensures more accurate results from data acquisition up to the final inspection report. VXinspect includes a range of alignment tools to deal with most applications.

Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerancing (GD&T)

VXinspect’s sophisticated algorithms and calculation methods offer an accessible way to apply GDT principles and practices to the inspection projects, even for users without extensive experience with GDT notions. With VXinspect, you can tackle most GD&T requirements including form and orientation tolerances, profile and localisation tolerance, datum reference frame (DRF) construction using geometric counterparts, and much more!

Graphical Reporting

Once measured, a part’s dimensional results can be presented either in a tabular or graphical format, with direct export to Microsoft Excel for printing or creating customised report templates.

Ideal shop-floor solution

Ideal for your shop floor

The combination of Creaform technologies with VXinspect offers the ideal solution for shop-floor environments. With its intuitive interface, it is the best solution for a simplifies and intuitive inspection workflow with no compromise on measurement quality and GD&T requirements.

measurement and tolerance render
Integrate with VXelements, Creaform’s 3D software

Simple probe & 3D integration


Like other Creaform software modules, VXinspect is directly integrated into VXelements, Creaform’s 3D software platform and application suite, providing the simplest integration of probing and 3D scanning measurements to gather the data required to meet industry requirements for quality control applications.

Quick part-to-CAD inspection


Each production start up comes with different process issues. In many cases, some prior adjustments have to be made to be fully in control of the manufacturing process. During this search for problems to solve, users of 3D measuring devices need a quick way to compare measured geometry with the design data. VXinspect offers the simplest workflow for quick Part-to-CAD inspection.

Compare measured geometry with design
inspection program screenshot



Once the manufacturing process is under control, first article inspection (FAI) or production part approval process (PPAP) need to be performed. VXinspect is ideal to simply build the inspection program for such operation.

It can also be used to control critical dimensions at various stages of the manufacturing process. Users can repeat the same measurement sequence several times to follow evolution of specific parts and thus prevent future problems.

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