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Next-Generation of Design

Why do we believe nTop is the Next-Generation of Design Software?

New manufacturing technologies introduces challenges to traditional engineering workflows. We believe that the future of product development is about capturing the engineering design process and tying it together using multiple algorithms into a broader computational workflow.

With a diverse and unique toolset of generative design, topology optimization, and automation capabilities, as well as an unbreakable geometry engine that can handle the complexities of advanced manufacturing, nTop offers solutions to tackle the specific challenges of any industry. nTop enables you to control lattice parameters at every point in space using Field-Driven Design. Field-Driven Design is a convenient way to manipulate and control complex geometry in every single point in space in ways that are otherwise impossible.

Think of fields as the gradients of 3D geometry. The same way that gradients let you create smooth transitions of colour from one point to another, Field-Driven Design enables you to use physical information to engineer parts that have exactly the behaviour that you want, where you want it.

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Extensive set of generative design tools

Structural Lightweighting

Whether your preferred lightweighting method is topology optimization, lattice or gyroid structures, perforation patterns, variable shelling, isogrid ribs, or a combination of the above, nTop offers an extensive set of generative design tools for lightweighting optimization

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State-of-the-art topology

Structural Optimization

By leveraging nTop’s state-of-the-art topology optimization tools, combined with advanced geometric operations, like variable shelling, and automated smoothening functions, lightweight designs are created to promote both primary and secondary mass savings.

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Advanced lattice structures

Architected Materials

Advanced lattice structures can fundamentally alter the behavior of a material. For example, they improve passenger safety by defining the way a structure collapses during a car crash. Or they enable the mass customization of foam replacements for extra comfort.

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Wide suite of tools

Design Optimization

nTop has a wide suite of tools and applications that support rapidly creating aesthetic or function driven designs that unlock new possibilities.

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Large scale parameter optimization

Rapid Design Exploration

Generate and iterate upon complex designs that are difficult and slow in traditional CAD software. Design variations including intricate lattices and complex boolean operations take seconds to generate, enabling rapid exploration of designs and large scale parameter optimization. Explore hundreds of design variations in minutes with nTop workflows.

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Key features

Access a Better Modeling Technology

At the core of nTop lies our implicit modeling engine. In implicit modeling, every solid body is described by a single mathematical equation.

nTop’s unbreakable geometry engine enables lightning-fast design iterations and eliminates design bottlenecks in advanced product development.

Take Complete Control of Your Design Workflows

There are no “black boxes”. nTop gives you complete control over every aspect of your generative workflows, optimization processes, and their outputs.

Create reusable workflows that are tailored to the unique requirements of your application. Control designs at every point in space using simulation results, test data, engineering formulas, and Field-Driven Design.

Make Changes in Real-Time with GPU Acceleration

With GPU acceleration, complex modeling operations that take minutes in other software become instantaneous in nTop.

Enjoy real-time feedback and 10x to 100x performance increase with nTop’s patent-pending hardware acceleration technology, saving days of design time.

Workflow Automation

nTop workflows can be automated and batch processed which increases design efficiency and allows design workflows to be more accelerated, accurate, and accessible

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