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Industrial Metrology Systems

Update or upgrade your technology to reduce lead time and remove measurement bottlenecks in your workflow with complete metrology solutions from MSL.  We bring together the best technology from around the world including Nikon, Renishaw, Creaform, Metrologic and nTopology.

This page is focused on CMMs, AQC and some Optical Scanning.  For more on 3D Scanning with accuracy up to 0.02mm, then look at our range of industrial 3D scanners.

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Industrial robtic arm 3d scanner


Up to 1.8 million measurement per second with an accuracy of 0.025mm, the MetraScan-R brings Automated Quality Inspection to a new level, helping to quickly identify quality issues and make better decisions.

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In combination with the C-Track, the HandyPROBE is a portable CMM specifically designed for use on the shop floor.  Using dynamic referencing we’re able to maintain up to 0.025mm accuracy, even in the most hostile environments.  Includes 17025 Accreditation.

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CMM certification

UKAS Approved certification for your CMMs and Portable Arms that offer outstanding value when compared to OEM services and costs. Our team of engineers are able to perform verification according to national and international standards to help keep your business on track.

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Coord 3 CMMs

Industrial metrology systems designed for everyone, the Coord 3 range includes Bridge, Gantry and Horizontal Arm type CMMs and have been developed over the last 40 years to guarantee metrology performance for small, medium, and large scale objects.

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Equator™ Gauging System

The Renishaw Equator system is a highly adaptable and versatile gauging solution used in manufacturing environments. It’s designed to conduct comparative gauging and inspection of manufactured parts with high speed and precision. The system utilises a comparative measurement technique, where the measurements of a manufactured part are compared to a reference, or master, part to determine if they meet the required specifications. 

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Cube R

A complete turnkey solution for automated quality control applications delivering fast and reliable data up to 0.025mm accuracy. Completely self-contained, this unit is built to relieve bottlenecks at the CMM.

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Proven in small, medium, and large companies around the globe for dimensional inspection, surface reconstruction and reverse engineering, Coord 3 CMMs let you certify and improve the quality of your products with incredible accuracy.  Compatible with a wide range of software, these CMMs can fit easily into your existing workflow to help improve efficiency and reduce lead times.


Retrofitting new technology into your existing workflow allows you to increase productivity for a relatively low cost.  Seamlessly integrate advanced CMM technology with your existing CMMs and perform up to 3 times faster with the Revo 5-axis measurement system.

Robotic Metrology Scanner
Handheld metrology grade accuracy measuring solution

Automated Quality Control

Fast, reliable, repeatable.  Use a complete turnkey solution to revolutionise your quality control, the MetraSCAN 3D – is a powerful robot mounted scanner that can be integrated into the factory workflow allowing users to measure small to large objects with a volumetric accuracy up to 0.064mm, and 0.015mm resolution.


On-site certification from UKAS accredited engineers that know how to get the best out of your measuring system.  Our experience team will keep your metrology systems maintained and calibrated to a professional standard offering outstanding value when compared to OEM services and costs.

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