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Laser templating and positioning systems.

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Virtek IRIS 3D combining the new Vision Positioning System (VPS)

Laser templating and positioning systems accurately project a virtual laser template onto moulds and parts to guide operators through the process of part fabrication whether it be ply layup, paint masking, assembly, or part placement.
Three dimensional vision positioning system accurately projects virtual laser templates onto moulds and parts to guide operators with ease through carbon fibre placement.

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Key features


Multi-Tasking enables one projector to serve multiple workstations so ply layup on multiple parts can occur in parallel. The new thin client experience allows you to use one Iris 3D license to connect several PCs or tablets to serve as clients.

Production reports

Easily access any Iris 3D system to retrieve instantaneous feedback on production status or retrieve historical data deailing the completion of each step in any production work-flow executed in the past.

Auto focus feature

Auto-Focus fiber connected laser source with optional long range optics. Provides operators with a brighter, safe laser delivering superior visibility even in the brightest work environments.

Simple easy to use software

Reduced training & fewer operator errors, simplified operation and administration.

Location precision

Automatically project crosshairs to indicate drill locations, punch locations, assembly positions. Crosshairs work on both flat and curved surfaces.

Replaceable components

Flexibility of onsite repair of multiple components within the system such as laser, and cooling fan helping to reduce cost of ownership.

Projected menus

Work seamlessly from anywhere with remote capabilities, using the projected menus on the tool or part, or using the wireless remote controller at a 45m range.

Innovative vision technology with laser projection all in one system

Accurately projects a 3D virtual laser template onto moulds and parts to guide operators through the process of part fabrication whether it be ply layup, paint masking, final assembly or component location


Virtek Iris™ significantly advances laser-guided assembly with new integrated vision technology, innovative “FlashAlign” functionality, superior high visibility laserline and new multi-tasking capabilities, and thin-client experience boasts a unique offering.


Initial alignment is 20X faster and re-alignments are reduced from minutes to seconds – saving time, increasing workflow productivity, all while retaining quality and accuracy.

Increase speed and precision with reduced operator errors

Reduces ownership cost, reduces maintenance time with field-replaceable components. Avoid costly delays and eliminate operator error

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