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MSL is a hardware and software solutions provider. We only select partners with integrity, offering innovative solutions to improve manufacturing processes

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When accuracy meets versatility and portability.

MSL has rapidly become one of the most trusted UK partners for end-to-end Design, Manufacture and Inspect solutions and is renowned for providing products and services to some of the UK’s leading automotive, aerospace, manufacturing and educational organisations.

Providing solutions with best-in-class post-sales support, is of paramount importance to us. Our customer centric approach allows us to further develop our existing client relationships and increase our implementations across their end-to-end manufacturing process.

Our nTopology software offering enables us to engage directly with CAD OEM’s, Additive OEM’s and design teams looking to optimise their design process, by introducing generative capabilities to overcome the complexities of advanced additive manufacturing, considering;  light weighting, field driven data design and complex lattice material structures.

User creating realtime 3d render with GoScan


Setting the standard

Since 1998

We have represented Metrologic Groups most advanced CMM and Robot Control inspection and simulation software, X4 and X4 Silma, we have a product portfolio to drive all OEM CMM’s, portable measuring arms and robot-controlled inspection and digital twin simulation. In association with CMM’s we are a UK partner to Perceptron owned Coord3. Coord3 boasts a range of measuring machines that includes over 35 automatic and manual models. We are UKAS Accredited to perform ISO10360-12:2016 on CMM’s and all makes of portable measuring arms.

Since 2005

Our Strategic level partnership with Creaform means we can cover a vast spectrum of design and manufacturing applications, with their handheld scanners tactile probing, and photogrammetry solutions, the HandySCAN3D, Go!Scan3D MetraSCAN3D and MaxSHOT3D, providing point cloud data capture for 3D printing, reverse engineering and quality control.

Since 1998, MSL has been considered as one of the trusted providers of calibre metrology systems and services in the UK. Whether it is for aerospace, automotive, or educational organisation, this company provides the best scanning and measurement solutions to everyone


Formed in 1998




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Our most recent partnership with Virtek Vision’s Iris 3D, means we can now also support the production and build processes for composite lay-up, fabrication, and guided assembly, projecting laser templates exponentially faster with innovative vision technology with laser projection in one system.

We believe that success is achieved with the full adoption of our solutions, and it is our experience that defines our solution focused approach for our 400+ customers across the UK. Our Team is deliberately structured to consist of equal numbers of both Account Managers and Application Engineers that specialise in specific areas of the business.

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