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The Arm Free Probing System

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HandyPROBE, a purpose built arm free shop-floor probing system.
Shop Floor Use
17025 Accreditation
Accuracy 0.025mm
Scanning Capability
3rd Party Inspection Software


Accuracy and simplicity combined with portability

The HandyPROBE™ in combination with the C-Track, is a portable optical CMM specifically designed for use on the shop floor. With dynamic referencing capabilities, the HandyPROBE maintains accuracy in the most hostile of environments. Portable measuring arms and Laser Trackers can be susceptible to vibration directly or in-directly, if mounted on a tripod. The HandyPROBE system, however, maintains live dynamic tracking thus eliminating measuring inaccuracies caused by movement in the component or the environment, such as a stamping facility.

With the use of photogrammetry targets—the optical tracker, and 6 DOF probe—can all be moved freely at any time during the measurement sequence. The targets provide re-alignment, effectively providing ‘leap-frog’ or ‘device moves’ instantly, keeping you productive and free from human error during the alignment fit process.

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Accurate measurements of automotive parts



0.0025mm (0.0009in)

Volumetric Accuracy

0.064mm (0.0025in)

Part size range (Recommended)

0.2-6m (0.7-20ft)

Key features

Achieve Metrology-grade Accuracy

The HandyPROBE is a portable optical CMM for use measuring on the shop floor, measure where you manufacture.

  • Dynamic referencing – Optical reflectors ensure that accuracy is never compromised because of shop floor conditions.
  • Reliable acceptance test – The HandyPROBE’s acceptance test follows the ISO 10360-12 standard and is ISO 17025 accredited.
  • Measure parts with a wide range of sizes – Get accurate measurements of parts ranging from 0.2 to 6 meters (0.7 to 20 feet) in size.
  • Metrology-grade measurements – Benefit from an accuracy of 0.025 mm (0.0009 in) with a traceable certificate.
  • Consistent accuracy over time – No accuracy drift over time in your quality control workflows thanks to an easy field calibration procedure
Metrology grade measurement accurate industrial CMM probing device

Take it Anywhere – Use it Anywhere

The HandyPROBE is a battery operated, 6 DOF wireless, handheld probing solution. Complete with Renishaw integrated adapters and probes, allowing measurement and data collection on all components features, from small holes to complex surface profile deviation checks and geometrical data capture for reverse engineering.

  • Handheld operation – No prohibitive tube sections for getting around corners
  • Versatile – measure small parts mm in size up to full train bogeye’s and Body in White tooling.
  • Portability – Single solution Shop Floor set-up
Handheld metrology grade accuracy measuring solution

Simplicity in Hand

  • Scaleable Measuring Volume – Using a combination of the Optical camera and the photogrammetry targets, the system can be aligned to the component, but when desired the measuring envelope can be extended by simply moving the camera to a new position. It looks back in to the target instantaneously, re-aligns to the part co-ordinate.
  • Automatic Alignment – No matter if no longer have access to a component, leave the targets in place and instantly re-align to the co-ordinate system, days later. If you are building an assembly, awaiting access or build components materials to arrive. Once the target network is seen by the camera it instantly re-aligns saving time.
  • User-friendly design – The ergonomic wireless probe and multi-function buttons make for faster onboarding and easier interaction with the system.
  • Optional 3D scanning capabilities by adding the MetraSCAN 3D
Highly accurate handheld probing system

Acceptance Testing

The HandyPROBE and C-Track system is manufactured and calibrated following internationally accredited recognised standards, ISO 9001 and ISO 17025. Every system manufactured is subject to an acceptance test based on ISO 10360-12.

Acceptance testing with metrology grade accurate arm free CMM

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