Combining the Creaform HandySCAN with Collaborative Robots.

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Easy to use
Accuracy of 0.025mm
Handheld and automated
High speed
Portable shop floor solution


Portable shop floor automated scanning solutions

We have two automated Creaform HandySCAN solutions for the shop floor, the Robo SCAN-R is an integrated package utilising the HandySCAN with a 6 axis Universal Robot. This ‘off-the-shelf’ solution is completely integrated with a specially designed portable workstation, inclusive of a rotary table. Offering, OEM’s, Tier one, Tier Two and SME’s access to automated quality control, at an affordable price.

Simplicity in application was paramount, thus integration with the UR (UR5e, UR10e, UR16e) collaborative robot, allows part programming in minutes.

We also offer an Automation Kit for the HandySCAN, an ideal solution for enhancing productivity and adapting to evolving quality control challenges while maintaining the full flexibility of handheld 3D Scanning devices. The Automation Kit includes a Fanuc collaborative robot with related hardware, a robot base and a flexible fixture table, a truly accessible solution for non-experts in robotics and metrology.

We believe having the versatility to operate the HandySCAN manually, for reverse engineering applications and single component inspection, or quickly attaching the scanner to a robot for medium and high volume inspection routines, provides our customers with the best scale-able solution on the market, with a competitive ROI.

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Technical data

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Key features

What the Robo SCAN-R and Automation Kit has to offer

Handheld scanning to Automated Inspection in seconds

The robust yet simple mounting bracket means you can attach or remove the scanner in seconds. The portable workstation includes a robot I/O module with a pre-programmed calibration routine, meaning calibration is performed after installation with a single press of a button.


You can move this system freely to different locations within your factory, no need for temperature-controlled environments, or robot guarding unlike industrial robot solutions or co-ordinate measuring machines (CMM’s).

Freely movable industrial co-ordinate measuring machine CMM

Single button operator press, for complete closed loop autonomous part inspection

As a completely integrated solution, the scanner and robot can be programmed to scan your part in minutes, by manually driving the robot, or if desired, through simulation software we create path planning for off-line programme creation. After the one-time path planning is complete, our closed loop software and robot I/O module means any operator or robot, simply loads the next component on to the fixture or rotary table, and with a single press of a button the component is scanned again with and a full inspection report generated and saved for any further trend analysis. This requires no special training or skill deployment for the shop floor operative.

Single button operator press, for complete closed loop autonomous part inspection

Blue Laser Technology with 22 Laser Lines

Compatible with all Creaform HandySCAN 3D scanners, although we believe the Black range offers the most productive solution. Unlike other small volume scanners, the Blue laser technology means there is no need for any surface preparation or spray on highly reflective components. Combined with the 22 laser lines, we scan 1,300,00 points per second making this solution perfect for high productivity gains, with a resolution as low as 0.025mm if desired for fine detail capture.

HandySCAN compatible industrial co-ordinate measuring machine CMM

Key benefits

Why Automate

  • Accreditation – Based on VDI/VDE 2634 part 3 standard ISO 17025
  • Fast Setup – Transition from manual single part scanning to full autonomous scanning in seconds.
  • Scan any material – Black, Chrome, Aluminium or paint finished surfaces.
  • Multi-Tasking – enables one operator to serve multiple workstations
  • Production Reporting Database – easily retrieve instantaneous feedback on production status or retrieve historical inspection data.
  • Compatibility  – with all major metrology software’s
  • Flexible fixturing – Touch screen pendant for program management and Robot control.
  • Simplified Software – interface training & fewer operator skills required – remove the CMM bottleneck
  • Robot I/O – compatible with the Creaform MetraSCAN-R and linear rail systems for larger components or in-line scanning systems.
Integrated package utilising the Creaform HandySCAN with a 6 axis Universal Robot.

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