PH20 5-axis touch-trigger system

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PH20 5-axis touch-trigger system

Use your head! It’s infinitely better

The PH20 utilises the award winning REVO measurement technology to speed up measurement whilst reducing dynamic errors at higher measurement speeds.

The PH20 allows measurements to be taken purely by moving the head, rather than the structure. Data can be collected faster with improved accuracy.  The 5-axis motion eliminates the time spent indexing the head and together, head movement and indexing, increases measurement time by a factor of 3.

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5-axis positioning capability

Access Features At Any Angle

Using a 5-axis head increases the speed of measurement, but also reduces the space needed around the part of the head rotation, allowing larger parts to be measured.  To avoid collisions, the PH20 automatically interfaces with the part co-ordinate system for complete peace of mind.


More efficient calibration

Renishaw developed it’s ‘inferred calibration’ technique for the PH20. It helps to determine the orientation of the head and probe in a single operation.  Additional measurements can then be made at any angle plus any additional modules can be calibrated with just a few touches on the calibration sphere before use.

These time savings are multiplied for operators as the faster calibration process is re-run to comply with quality procedures or system restart.

Measuring techniques

Integral industry standard TP20 probe

Users of the PH20 probe head will access the full range of TP20 probe modules, which provide a varied selection of trigger forces, directional sensing options and extensions designed to meet almost any operational requirement. Detachable modules make swapping damaged probes incredibly simple, even simpler if you opt for the automatic TCR20 changing rack.

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