Renishaw 5-axis measurement

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5-axis measurement technology

What is 5-axis measurement?

Renishaw’s 5-axis measurement system combines advanced head, sensor and control technology, delivering unprecedented measuring speed and flexibility in a machine that avoids the speed versus accuracy compromises of conventional techniques.

It accelerates the measurement process, shortens lead times and gives manufacturers a more comprehensive view of the quality of product quality.

Unlike traditional solutions, 5 axis management enables the stylus to maintain constant contacts with the surface as moves along a continuous path. This process removes the need leave the surface inherent in indexing head and probes.

The path is created by software that tracks the head motion in relation to the CMM to minimise dynamic errors in the CMM.

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Increased through put with 5-axis measurement

3 Times Quicker Without Compromising Accuracy

Although the maximum scanning speed of a CMM is technically rated between 80 and 150 mm/sec, accuracy often decreases as the machine approached this speed, effectively limiting CMMs to a measuring speed of between 10 and 20 mm/sec.

The accelerations created by non-linear motion on Cartesian CMMs can cause measurement errors which will grow each time the measurement speed increases.

Renishaw’s 5-axis technology removes these dynamic deflections by reducing machine acceleration during the movement cycle whilst maintaining a high-speed movement across the component’s surface.


What are the benefits of Renishaw’s brilliant 5-Axis Measurement?

The Renishaw 5-axis measurement system smashes through the dynamic performance barrier of traditional CMMs, delivering a faster and more accurate results.

Measuring techniques

Renishaw’s unique 5-axis measuring techniques

The head is designed to support blended scanning, combining two very different measurement techniques. Bores can be assessed using touch points, circular or helical scans whilst contoured surface data can be collected with a smooth sweep of the head.


5-axis scanning

  • Simultaneous motion control of 5 axes
  • Data gathered ‘on the fly’ whilst the head is moving
  • Dynamic 2-axis head provides most of the stylus motion
  • Unique tip-sensing probe technology • Scanning with 5 axes of simultaneous motion allows unparalleled measurement flexibility

Revo® 5-Axis Multi-Sensor Scanning System

The REVO System has been designed to deliver outstanding levels of inspection volume:

  • 5-axis complex form scanning; REVO’s ability to gather very large quantities of accurate inspection data at ultrahigh scanning speeds is invaluable
  • Very high-speed gathering of touch points using the servo head’s infinitely variable 2-axis motion
  • Innovative, patented tip-sensing probe technology allowing the sensing to be very close to the surface measured, yielding better accuracy, even with long styli
  • Novel calibration; Renishaw’s 5-axis measurement tip-sensing probe (RSP2) requires only a single tip calibration to be accurate at all angles of rotation, typically saving several hours in the set-up routine
  • Infinite positioning and 5-axis synchronised motion, which facilitates access to features with far fewer stylus configurations than a fixed scanning head
  • Multi-sensor capability for optimum probe selection, with all data being in the same co-ordinate reference frame

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