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As an official partner of Nikon Metrology, one of the leading manufacturers of metrology and quality inspection equipment, we are able to provide their class-leading automated 3D laser scanning solutions to our customers.

Our partnership with Nikon means that we can offer retrofits alongside Metrolog X4 and Silma X4 through utilising the Metrolog Controller and the latest Renishaw 5 Axis measurement technology.

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Nikon product range

Our partnership with Nikon Metrology allows our customers to accelerate their quality inspection, with Nikon’s pioneering and class-leading 3D laser scanners. Whether fully automated or operated manually, these laser scanners provide rapid digitisation of parts by optically capturing millions of high-precision points, reducing inspection time, and offering greater insight for applications such as dimensional metrology and reverse engineering.



The Nikon L100 is a non-contact laser scanner designed for high-precision measurement and inspection applications. It uses a RED  laser to capture 3D point cloud data with 6.5 micron accuracy, making it suitable for applications such as reverse engineering, quality control, and dimensional inspection. The L100 has a field of view of 110mm, making it suitable for both small and large objects. It also features Nikon’s Enhanced Sensor Performance (ESP4) technology, which improves the scanner’s performance in challenging environments. With its advanced measurement capabilities and versatile features, the Nikon L100 is an excellent choice for demanding metrology applications.

110mm Field of View
ESP4 Technology



The Nikon LC15Dx is a high-precision laser scanner designed for use with high accuracy coordinate measuring machines (CMMs). It uses a RED  laser to capture highly accurate 3D point cloud data with 1.9 micron accuracy, making it ideal for reverse engineering, inspection, and other metrology applications. The LC15Dx has a 15mm field of view and can capture up to 75,000 points per second. Overall, the Nikon LC15Dx is a powerful tool for high-precision 3D scanning and measurement.

18mm Field of View
1.9mm Accuracy



The Nikon XC65Dx is a high-precision laser scanner designed for use with Nikon’s range of coordinate measuring machines (CMMs). It uses 3 red lasers to capture 3D point cloud data with high accuracy. The XC65Dx has 2 variants, the XC65dx and XC65dx-LS (Long standoff) – the LS version allows for a standoff of 170mm, making it ideal for automotive inline inspection. With its patented cross scanner technology and high-speed scanning capabilities, the Nikon XC65Dx is a top-of-the-line solution for precision metrology.

Cross Scanner Technology
170mm Standoff

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