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Whatever your level, Additive Design, CMM programming, Reverse Engineering or Robot Simulation planning, learn alongside an expert in our training centre, or schedule on-site training in your company.

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Training programs to meet your needs

Whether you’re a novice CMM programmer, or new to point cloud and mesh preparation for inspection, reverse engineering, or additive manufacture design, MSL offers several training programs to meet your needs. Our training programs are designed in collaboration with our OEM partners, whether that be classroom-based training, or web based training, we remain flexible, and are always prepared to adapt to the specific needs of the participants…join us at one of our 3 Office locations, Peterborough, Derby or Silverstone.

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Training on your site

Training on your site

Collaborate in larger teams, with real life examples within reach. Grab an example of your products to be inspected, reverse engineered, or designed for manufacture. Nothing beats practicing in the real world.

Training at one of our facilities

Training at one of our facilities

Often the preferred solution. Get away from the day-to-day interruptions and the constant demands for your time.

Intensive learning

Intensive learning

New skill development requires dedicated time and focus to ensure your return to the work place and immediately impact the return on investment. How may times has internal training programmes been interrupted with an ‘emergency that only you know the answers to’?

Build a network

Sharing experience with peers

This formula offers a great opportunity to share experience with students of different industries, to experiment with others, to build a network of peers with whom to share ideas and opportunities.

Course duration

Recommended times

Each programme requires varying commitments of time. Typically we advise 2-3 days as standard for all courses, with a follow up site visit by our engineering team 2-3 weeks later. For a combination of Inspection and Reverse Engineering we would recommend 5 days from the outset.

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