FDM Project in nTop

There are a wide range of high spec FDM materials available today and so we’re now seeing polymer FDM parts replace more metallic components.
However, with this comes the need for accurate FEA, this is fairly straightforward with the solid model, but when it comes to shell and infill it’s a much more difficult process.
Watch the brief intro video to see that through using this nTop workflow we can iterate through a huge number of infill types, thicknesses and densities at unrivalled speeds, and check the FEA results each time.
FEA data can also be used to drive the shell operation, meaning we have thicker walls in high stress areas and thinner walls in low stress areas, further optimising the part for the process.
Get in touch if you’d like to see the process in more detail, or learn more about how this can enhance your FDM components.
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