Virtek IRIS 3D for Industrial Fabrication Market

Virtek Vision recently announced several enhancements to its preeminent Iris 3D laser projection system enabling job shops and original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) to accelerate the manufacture of and improve the quality of welded assemblies and components. It also addresses the manufacturing sector’s ever-increasing talent shortage• because the system requires no prior training or experience to operate.

Using a standard CAD file (no projection files required), Iris 3D identifies the part geometry (mounting brackets, studs, bushings, etc.), determines each part’s exact position in 3D space and projects high-visibility laser lines to direct workers in the placement of each part on the assembly, including drill locations, punch locations, fixture placement and precise assembly positions. Iris 3D software achieves accuracy of +/- 0.015 inches or +/- 0.38mm for most applications, making measurement errors and rework a thing of the past.

The Iris 3D software interface is simple and intuitive so employees with little to no training can quickly become productive. It gives manufacturers the power to visualize the finished assembly or weldment before work begins. The software also eliminates time spent on interpreting drawings, fixturing, layout, marking and component positioning because it performs alignment automatically, with no operator intervention required, enabling employees to begin work immediately after file selection.

Organisations can integrate multiple projectors for very large work areas by fix mounting units over a work cell or assembled on a Virtek mobile stand to facilitate flexible work configurations. Projected laser lines are safely and clearly visible with the human eye, so protective eyewear and safety training are unnecessary.

*In a 2018 study, Deloitte Manufacturing Institute estimated that more than 50 percent of open positions in the U.S. manufacturing industry will remain unfilled due to a skills shortage.

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