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Manufacturing has advanced.

What about your software?

Join us for an ‘Introduction to nTopology’ on the 20th April 2022, 10am-11am (BST) to experience the power of the worlds most innovative engineering design software.

  • What makes nTopology Platform so powerful
  • A brief history of the company
  • The benefits of reusable design processes
  • Current use cases of nTopology
  • How quickly and robustly geometries can be created and modified
  • How todays manufacturing techniques can benefit from implicit modelling
  • How real world data can be used to drive design

Let us show you how nTopology can help you explore the endless possibilities of additive manufacturing.

As nTopology’s first UK reseller we’re leading the new generation of engineering design software, driven by unique technology that unlocks what’s possible with additive manufacturing.

nTopology is a highly exciting development in the world of additive manufacturing. Machines, materials, and expertise in the industry have advanced so far in recent years but engineers are still designing parts with traditional software, aimed at traditional manufacturing techniques.

nTopology is closing this gap and allowing designers and engineers to really leverage the benefits of Additive and Advanced Manufacturing, especially in the areas of Lightweighting, Architected Materials, Thermal Management, Industrial Design, Mass-customisation and Manufacturing/Tooling.

nTopology can complement existing design solutions to optimise additive design resulting in faster design creation, improved lightweighting and lattice structure designs, design using data such as stress analysis results from 3rd parties into new designs, whilst continually striving to save on material costs.

Join us on the 20th April at 10am to find out more about how your business could benefit.

Register for ‘An Introduction to nTopology’ hosted by Joe Winston, nTopology Account Manager at MSL.

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