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Founded in 1990, M&J (Europe) LTD boasts more than three decades of expertise in designing, manufacturing and installing bespoke mechanical, electrical and control engineering solutions, whilst upholding their motto “Total Engineering Solutions,” ensuring unparalleled commitment to their client’s needs. 


M&J aim to position itself at the forefront of engineering innovation. Continuously investing in the acquisition of cutting-edge technology and equipment, amplifying their operation capabilities across a broad spectrum – from plant to machinery, to the most advanced tools and software available. 


A substantial portion of M&J’s work consists of component manufacturing. These components serve a diverse range of functions, from being a part of bespoke in-house built machinery to customer-specific ‘as built’ equipment, and even for reverse engineering. 

The HandySCAN 3D Black Scanner has revolutionised this manufacturing process, allowing M&J to efficiently scan the component, utilise the software for precise adjustments and modifications, and transfer the refined scan data to Fusion 360 where the CNC program is generated and ready to begin machining. 

The Challenge

Breakdown cover is a valued and reputable service provided by M&J. which places them under the imperative of working within tight timeframes to efficiently repair or manufacture new components, ultimately guaranteeing that their customer’s sites experience minimal downtime. 

Given M&J’s rigorous time constraints during breakdowns, they are challenged with not having any margin for error when it comes to measurements and dimensions. 

The Solution

The HandySCAN 3D Black equipped with the VXelements and VXinspect software modules, has not only significantly minimised measurement errors but in some cases has completely eradicated the issue. The precision of the HandySCAN 3D Black means it is capable of measuring within extremely tight tolerances, meaning that the essential standards for M&J’s breakdown response can be met. 

The compact and portable design of the HandySCAN 3D Black also makes it ideal for both in-house usage and on-site application. Its small, lightweight form ensures convenience and ease of use whether it is being utilised in the workshop or when travelling to M&J’s customer sites. 

“Our new 3D Scanner has transformed our approach to projects, by enhancing precision and efficiency and further allowing us to concentrate on delivering innovative solutions to our customers.” 

Chris Garland, Managing Director of M&J (Europe) LTD

The Final Outcome

The HandySCAN 3D Scanner has become an extremely important piece of technology within M&J’s daily operations and has firmly integrated into their essential toolkit. 

Working seamlessly alongside other equipment, the HandySCAN Black 3D Scanner has elevated the outcomes of M&J’s design, manufacture, and installation processes, delivering high-quality results, matched by an efficient workflow. 

• Highly accurate measurements. 

• Scans complex parts that other measurement tools would struggle with. 

• Scan to CAD increases productivity. 

• Generates reports that can be sent to the customer. 

• Portability – can take on-site and complete a scan within minutes. 

• Can compare a batch of the same parts to show any deviations. 

• Overall enables engineers to work more efficiently and accurately. 

If you have found this of interest, then we would suggest that you look through our other customer case studies here. If you would like to find out more about any of our Creaform 3D scanners, you can either contact us or book a demo.

Download the Case Study
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