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Stakeholders in the Aerospace industry are facing increasing challenges due to manufacturers’ accelerated innovation, stricter regulatory standards, heightened concerns for passenger safety, mounting costs of grounded aircraft, and profitability targets.

The HandySCAN Elite AerospacePACK is the most versatile 3D scanning solution on the market for aircraft inspections, reverse engineering, maintenance and repair operations.

It features the HandySCAN Black Elite scanner, as well as a complete software suite to efficiently inspect and characterise defects on a variety of aircraft components, materials and finishes—and in all types of work environments. The solution allows for highly accurate scans of small- to large-size parts to generate CAD models, enabling manufacturers to quickly produce spare parts.

Providing unmatched speed, ease of use, reliability and repeatability, this solution makes inspection and reverse engineering workflows highly efficient, significantly reduces operators’ impact on measurement results, and shortens the time to generate final reports or CAD designs. It saves the aerospace industry time and money—all without compromising diagnosis results and safety.

Surface damage assessment is a critical part of the NDT process. It’s up to you to make sure that you’re getting the right information, and that it’s accurate, so you can make good decisions about your equipment and processes.

With it’s prominent expertise and credibility earned in the field of metrology, Creaform has developed disruptive solutions for surface damage assessment that are now accessible to all NDT industries.

  • Ensure the highest data quality on digital reconstructions
  • Get reliable diagnoses and trustworthy inspection results
  • Follow and compare damage evolution over time
  • Establish trends
  • Obtain the same and unique scan regardless of the technician’s skills and experience

The New VXintegrity software platform: Surface Damage Assessment Modernised

The VXintegrity software platform is a suite of four modules designed specifically for the NDT industries. It combines NDT knowledge and market intelligence to raise the quality of analysis and reporting to a higher level.

Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul (MRO) companies, aircraft manufacturers and airlines that perform NDT inspections for in-service aircraft maintenance have increasing pressure to complete their assessments in the fastest way possible without sacrificing accuracy.


When an aircraft hits a hailstorm, MRO teams need to rely on a solution that enables them to quickly and accurately measure the impact to speed up repairs—and mitigate the negative ripple effects on future sales. Thanks to its remarkable versatility, operators can use the solution in any conditions, whether inside or outside, without sacrificing accuracy and reliability.


Traditional, manual measurement methods for inspecting flaps and spoilers, such as pit gauges, can bog down productivity. Operators need a modern solution so that they won’t waste time searching the deepest points per dent or scanning a part’s entire geometry.


When an aircraft experiences hard landing or other damaging incidents, MRO teams must use a solution that can help them analyze any type of damage on any type of surface or texture. Teams need a solution to perform thorough analyses and any component shape, size or surface finish with confidence.


Operators who are responsible to put the aircraft back into service need a tool to validate if a component is within acceptance criteria after rework is completed. Oftentimes, MRO teams don’t have access to the CAD models of aircraft components, which means reverse engineering components becomes key.


Anyone working in aerospace requires a robust solution to perform a wide range of quality control inspections on free-form and complex shapes—either in-line during the assembly process or out in the field. The HandySCAN Elite AerospacePACK delivers the level of performance and comprehensive measuring points to conduct in-depth, three dimensional verifications.


Oftentimes, Aerospace manufacturers and MRO technicians struggle finding replacement parts or even the CAD files of their aircraft components. Count on The HandySCAN Elite AerospacePACK to generate as-built 3D CAD models from existing physical components.

The HandySCAN Elite AerospacePACK is an easy, fast, and accurate solution for MRO companies. It includes a HandySCAN Black Elite Scanner, now more portable and faster than ever before at delivering accurate and high resolution 3D scans while remaining overly simple to use, SmartDENT 3DTM, a surface inspection software developed specifically for critical aerospace applications and a Preventative Maintenance Monitoring Module. Other software modules are also available to address all of your reverse engineering and quality control needs.

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The latest in the HandySCAN 3D lineup is The HandySCAN BLACK|Elite Limited!

Delivering A Never-Before-Seen Accuracy

Through a decade of optimised manufacturing and calibration processes, the latest HandySCAN BLACK|Elite Limited from Creaform delivers 12 microns accuracy and sets a new industry standard for handheld devices.

Specifically designed to address the needs of the most demanding dimensional metrology professionals in the industrial and manufacturing sectors, for quality control or product development applications.

While it still possesses all the features that made the HandySCAN 3D lineup the reference in the industry, the HandySCAN BLACK|Elite Limited presents some valuable particularities:

Technical Specifications And Characteristics:

  • Provides an accuracy of 0.012 mm (0.0005 in), based on VDI/VDE 2634 part 3 standard (ISO 17025 accredited).
  • Offers a volumetric accuracy of 0.012 mm +0.020 mm/m (0.0005 in +0.0002 in/ft).
  • Uses 11 blue laser crosses, for an increased scanning speed on difficult surfaces.
  • Boast integrated photogrammetry
  • Portable, lightweight, simple, and versatile, in any environmental conditions.
  • Ideal for Creaform application software, such as VXmodel module for scan-to-CAD, VXinspect module for dimensional inspection and VXintegrity NDT software platform for NDT applications.

SmartDENT 3D™

Aircraft surface 3D assessments software

SmartDENT 3D is the first dedicated 3D visualisation software on the market designed for 3D assessments and characterisation of dent damages located on aircraft surfaces.

More accurate and faster than traditional methods, the software module limits the operators’ impact on measurements and shortens the time needed to generate final reports, providing OEMs with comprehensive data on issues that require further analysis.

  • Operator-independent measurements
  • Algorithm sensitive to the finest detail
  • Interaction rule optimised for aerospace, facilitating communication on the extent of damage
  • Defect characterisation on different aircraft components, sizes, and surface finishes
  • Guided workflow approach that simplifies the measurement extraction of 3D scan data and obtains the exact dimensions required for the assessment

Preventative Maintenance Module

The Monitoring Module enables asset owners to enter the digital age confidently. It is the only NDT technique available on the market with the required accuracy, noise level, and data quality to characterise, follow, and compare damage evolution over time—detecting even the slightest variation in geometry or thickness.

  • Calculation of wear, corrosion, and erosion rates, as well as deformation, alignment, and ovality
  • Advanced and automatic report generation
  • Easy-to-use metrology tool kit, optimised for industrial maintenance applications

Key Benefits

The HandySCAN Elite AerospacePACK is the only technique available on the market that offers metrology-grade accuracy, traceable data over time and human-independent results that eliminate measurement variations and ambiguity in result interpretation.

Unbeatable Accuracy

  • Ensure the highest data quality on digital reconstructions
  • Get reliable diagnoses and trustworthy inspection results

Infinitely Traceable Data

  • Follow and compare damage evolution over time
  • Establish Trends

Many Users, Same result

  • Obtain the same and unique scan regardless of the technician’s skills and experience
  • Proceed with data acquisition  analysis with little human intervention

Intuitive and easy to use by operators of any skill level, the HandySCAN Elite AerospacePACK makes quality control and reverse engineering processes very efficient by reducing user impact on measurement results and accelerating generation time for final reports or CAD designs. Featuring unmatched performance, the HandySCAN Elite AerospacePACK never compromises on diagnosis results or safety.

Backed with a strong reputation for accuracy, reliability and experience, MSL and our partners regularly work with leading aerospace companies such as BAE Systems, Boeing, Airbus, Rolls Royce, and many of their leading component suppliers.

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