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Contract Measurement: The Ideal Solution for Businesses Seeking Efficiency and Cutting-Edge Technology  

In a world where precision and accuracy are the linchpins of inspection and quality control, businesses constantly strive to ensure their components meet stringent specifications. However, the reality is that investing in high-end metrology equipment, like Coordinate Measuring Machines (CMM) or 3D Scanners, can be expensive.

Contract Measurement services are a beacon for businesses aiming to free up internal resources or to avoid bottlenecks and support existing measurement equipment when your inspection demands are high and harness world-class technology without the accompanying price tag.

Understanding Contract Measurement

Contract Measurement is a service where businesses outsource their metrology needs to a third-party provider equipped with top-of-the-line measuring equipment and expertise.

Let’s explore why it’s gaining traction:

  • Cost Efficiency: Avoid the capital expenditure on expensive equipment and its maintenance.
  • Expertise on Demand: Leverage the skills of seasoned experts who operate this sophisticated machinery daily.
  • Flexibility: Scale your measurement needs up or down without the commitment to a single piece of equipment.
  • Quality Assurance: Benefit from high-precision measurements that comply with international standards.

CMM or 3D Scanner?

When considering Contract Measurement, a common conundrum is choosing between CMM and 3D scanning technology.

Choosing the right technology for your specific needs can be a daunting task. Should you invest in the reliability and detail of a CMM or the speed and versatility of a 3D Scanner?

At MSL, we understand that each project is unique. That’s why we offer tailored advice to pinpoint the perfect fit for your specific requirements.

Coordinate Measuring Machines (CMM)

  • Precision: Offers unrivalled accuracy for detailed inspections.
  • Versatility: Suitable for a myriad of components, regardless of size and shape.
  • Reliability: Renowned for consistent and repeatable measurements.

CMMs are especially well-suited for industries where sub-micron precision is non-negotiable, such as aerospace and automotive manufacturing.

3D Scanners

  • Speed: Fast data collection makes it suitable for rapid inspections.
  • Non-Contact: Ideal for delicate or soft materials prone to deformation.
  • Surface Data: Captures comprehensive surface data, which is vital for reverse engineering.

3D Scanners are perfect when the speed of measurement is critical or when you’re dealing with complex geometries that are difficult to measure with traditional methods.

Choosing the Right Path

Deciding between CMM and 3D scanning ultimately depends on your specific measurement requirements, budget constraints, and the nature of the components to be measured. However, you might not need to choose at all, because as a Contract Measurement provider, MSL offers both technologies, along with their expertise to guide you on the most suitable path.

There are several factors to consider when thinking about what tools to use. Environment, portability, tolerance, speed, and repeatability are just a few. If you’re unsure about the technical performance and differences between, portable measurement and fixed CMM machines, then get in touch and we’ll happily arrange a demonstration to explore which solution is right for you.

Bullet Proof Traceability

As engineers, we understand the importance of traceability. Our process ensures we create an unbroken chain of custody that allows you to record every step during the process including part numbers, measurement information, calibration results, processing operations, and environmental conditions.

Off site or On site?

Given the lightweight and portable nature of our Creaform scanners, we’re able to work directly with your team on-site or accommodate your components at our Derby centre.

MSL engineers can come to your facility anywhere in the UK to assist in removing measurement bottlenecks or by providing a new resource to your team. These lightweight scanners are powerful tools for contract measurement, enabling us to give you accurate, repeatable results quickly.

Alternatively, you’re able to take advantage of our central facility in Derby for high-volume or multi-part measurement that requires a CMM or an Automated Quality Control solution such as the Cube-R.


Along with manual measurement (3D Scanners), we operate an Automated Quality Control (AQC) program. Our AQC solution uses a Creaform Scanner mounted to a programmable robot arm (Fanuc or Universal Robots) to deliver fast, accurate scan data, that can help reduce your production cycle and eliminate human error from the measurement process.

Whatever your measurement service requirements, we have a solution to meet your needs, if you’d like to read more about which would be the right choice for your needs, take a look at another of our blogs; Choosing a CMM or 3D Scanner.

Benefits of Contract Measurement

By opting for Contract Measurement, your business can:

  • Rely on expert metrologists to handle complex measurements.
  • Eliminate equipment downtime and associated delays.
  • Ensure measurement quality without the need for in-house expertise.
  • Achieve better resource allocation, as your team focuses on core competencies, leaving measurements to specialists.

MSL are at the Forefront of Measurement with Creaform Solutions

As the crowned supplier and comprehensive service centre for Creaform’s acclaimed products, including the HandySCAN and MetraSCAN, MSL stands at the forefront of measurement technology. We ensure your business is well-equipped through the entirety of the design, manufacturing, and inspection stages.

The Power of the Technology in Your Hands

Creaform’s pioneering 3D scanning and probing technology effortlessly handles complex geometries and the most reflective of materials. With MSL’s services, your engineers receive expedient and precise feedback, enabling comprehensive reporting on how your manufactured components align with—or deviate from—the original design intent.

Here’s what partnering with MSL offers your enterprise: 

  • World-class technology without the price tag, enabling access to high-end measurement solutions.
  • Free-Up Internal Resources, allowing your team to focus on core activities while we handle the intricacies of measurement and inspection.
  • Expert Support, as MSL provides unparalleled guidance and service throughout your product’s life cycle.


Integrating Contract Measurement into your inspection and quality control process is a strategic move that can lead to improved product quality, higher efficiency, and a healthier bottom line. Whether it’s the pinpoint precision of a CMM or the rapid, comprehensive scanning of a 3D scanner, the specialist equipment and expertise available through Contract Measurement services can propel your business forward, unfettered by the limitations of in-house capabilities.

Embrace the future of metrology by allowing Contract Measurement to take the reins, ensuring your products meet the highest standards of quality without capital expenditure.

Experience the MSL Difference

MSL is not just about providing tools. It’s a full-fledged commitment to elevating your product quality and integrity. Embrace the future of measurement services with MSL and deliver products that embody perfection.

Join the ranks of businesses that have leveraged MSL’s expertise to stay ahead and transform your processes with impeccable accuracy, innovation, and efficiency.

Contact MSL to find out more about the services we provide or to arrange an initial consultation.

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