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Metrology Drives Robotic Aerostructure Drilling Solution

MSL’s collaborative partner, UK start-up True Position Robotics Ltd, have a vision to transform aero-structure manufacturing.

They are making this vision a reality by developing smart robot drilling and inspection tools. These tools will enable them to become the aerospace equivalent of automotive automation over the next few years.

A key step in acheiving their vision was recently completed through an Aerospace Technology Institute program / Innovate UK grant funded project, named Automated Drilling and Inspection (ADI).

Technical and commercial oversight for the project was generously given from AIRBUS, BAE Systems, GKN Aerospace and FANUC UK.

Roger Holden, Director at TPR recently spoke with Keith Mills at Metrology News to discuss the success of the ‘Automated Drilling & Inspection’ project.

Read the full article in Metrology News

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