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Creaform’s main handheld lineups can now easily be used as automated solutions, with this newly developed Hybrid solution that combines robot, digital twin software and workstation, for a flexible and affordable self-operating quality control experience.

On the 16th of April, Creaform, a business unit of AMETEK, Inc. and the worldwide provider of automated and portable 3D measurement solutions launched the Automation Kit that can turn the HandySCAN 3D and MetraSCAN 3D portable 3D scanner families into fully-fledged solutions for automated quality control (AQC) applications. Outfitted with a collaborative robot (cobot) and all related equipment, the actual workstation allows the operator to use the 3D scanners in portable mode as well as in automated mode. A safe solution that is easy to both install and deploy.

A true model of interconnectedness, the solution interfaces seamlessly with the VXscan-R digital twin environment and thus becomes an all-in-one, user-friendly system for anyone to use, even workers who are unaccustomed or unfamiliar with the technology. With features such as a smaller footprint, light and compact design, and an affordable total cost of ownership, the Hybrid Solution is part of a noble effort to democratise access to automated solutions and automation as a whole.

“Given the intrinsic safety of the equipment and the intuitiveness of its implementation compared to custom solutions on the market, explains Mathieu Desmarais, Product Manager at Creaform, this turnkey package is particularly well suited for SMEs and other companies taking their first steps in the automation realm.” He then adds: “When mounted to a cobot, the scanners boast several benefits such as a gain in productivity and a reduction in the potential for error. But at any point, the HandySCAN 3D or MetraSCAN 3D can be used in a portable manner, to enhance versatility and eliminate the need to move workpieces around.”

To learn more about the Automation Kit, register for the free webinar on May 2nd, entitled “Enhance Quality Control Confidence and Productivity With Our Latest 3D Scanning Innovations”. This webinar will address the key challenges in quality control, focusing on data reliability problems and lack of technical expertise, as well as explore the evolution of quality control technologies, highlighting the benefits of optical portable CMM scanners.

About Creaform

Boasting two decades of experience shaping the future of dimensional metrology, Creaform assists its customers achieve their measurement ambitions through cutting-edge 3D solutions. With its extensive hardware and software portfolio, Creaform enables its users to experience innovation firsthand through 3D scanning, reverse engineering, quality control, non-destructive testing, product development, and MRO. Thousands of professionals in various industries, like automotive, aerospace, manufacturing, heavy industries, oil and gas, power generation, consumer products, research and education, have discovered that with Creaform, Innovation Takes Form.

Headquartered in Lévis, Québec, Creaform is present in more than 85 countries, through its 26 locations all around the world and a network of over a hundred distributors. A presence that enables the company to build relations and provide unmatched customer service. Creaform is a business unit of AMETEK, Inc., a leading global provider of industrial technology solutions serving a diverse set of attractive niche markets with annual sales of over $7.0 billion.

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