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Integrated Solutions for the Motorsport Sector

In a recent article published in the MIA CTS 2022 Motorsport Innovation Special Edition. Steve Welch from Engineering Magazine spoke to MSL’s Andrew Tagg about Measurement and scanning services for the motorsport sector.

Whilst not directly employed by a Motorsport Team, MSL has been supplying F1 and Motorsport Teams with Measurement and Scanning Services and equipment since 1998.

MSL offers a wide variety of specialist products to aid a multitude of Design, Manufacture and Inspection applications relating to Motorsport.

From a design perspective, our nTopology software offering enables us to engage directly with CAD OEM’s, Additive OEM’s and design teams looking to optimise their design process, by introducing generative capabilities to overcome the complexities of advanced additive manufacturing, considering, light weighting, field driven data design and complex lattice material structures.

Our Creaform measurement and scanning products can then be utilised to perform dimensional and surface profile checks back to the Designer intended CAD model.

Adding the Iris 3D from Virtek Vision International to our solution offering, means we can now also support the production and build processes for composite lay-up, fabrication, and guided assembly, enabling us to project laser templates exponentially faster with innovative vision technology.

M-Sport design, engineer, and manufacture motorsport vehicles at the highest level of the industry, they utilise Creaform Scanning technology for verifying compliance and reducing build tolerances to a minimum.

In addition to competing in the World Rally Championship, M-Sport also operate race programs for tier 1 automotive manufactures. Their partnership with Ford allowed the company to provide invaluable engineering expertise to a group of award-winning Ford rally cars.
Adopting 3D scanning technology into M-Sport has enabled the company to continue to produce cars that are compliant with FIA regulations whilst maintaining the maximum technical advantage by minimising design and manufacturing tolerances where it is advantageous.

MSL have been a great partner in selecting the most suitable scanning equipment and providing a training program and support to suit their bespoke requirements.

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