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Educating and Inspiring Students into the world of 3D Scanning with Creaform Academia


Creaform ACADEMIA is an educational solution suite, that has been designed with forward-thinking engineering educators in mind who are looking to incorporate the latest in 3D Scanning technology and innovative approaches to metrology within their teaching and learning programs.

Metrology is widespread within many manufacturing environments for a number of applications, including product development, reverse engineering, and quality control. The civil engineering sector is now also leveraging the potential of metrology for accurate NDT in the most challenging of conditions.

The engineering students of today need to embrace metrology if they want to thrive in the engineering workforce of tomorrow, and academics need to provide the platform and technology to prepare students for this eventuality by ensuring their course material and assignments are aligned with this approach and way of thinking.

The Creaform ACADEMIA solution can assist Academics with their planning as it features a free teaching package with a vast selection of presentations including typical use cases with material available for both theoretical courses and lab work, tutorial videos, sample data sets and free software licenses, included as part of the Academia Package for VXmodel, Creaform’s scan-to-CAD software module, and VXinspect, a 3D inspection software for first article inspections and quality control.

Creaform ACADEMIA’s educational solution suite offers a range of professional-grade, portable 3D scanners to choose from, depending on requirements and budget. These ultra-affordable 3D scanners have been developed specifically for teaching applications, meaning that training time is kept to a minimum.

Tracked 3D Scanners

As part of the Academia Solution once the students have tried their hand at uploading and manipulating the sample datasets provided in VXinspect and VXmodel, they can also try scanning an object themselves with an ACADEMIA scanner.

The object could be a chair or any other item that is aligned with the level of complexity the lecturer wants the students to achieve. Once scanned, students could be required to add a new feature or improve the existing design, this approach provides students with the hands-on approach that is required to help with their learning and understanding of the world of Metrology.

Scan-to-CAD Tutorial

By adding the ACADEMIA solution and 3D educational scanners to their curriculm, lecturers offer students a more comprehensive and practical course, resulting in students being more engaged and enthused to show off their ingenuity.

3D Model

Would you like to learn more about Creaform ACADEMIA?

Make sure to sign up for one of our Academia webinars, we hold them bi-weekly to discuss the Academia Solution and demonstrate a range of application uses in each session.

Academia Webinar

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