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Pushing the boundaries of their industry to stay at the forefront of modern technology

As a precision engineering company Berry & Escott require precise equipment to work fluently with their existing engineering design tools, collaboration between the Scan CAD data is vital to making the data usable.

They have been using the MetraSCAN Black Elite to enhance their accuracy of ‘as built’ equipment and reverse engineered components, while filling the gap between data acquisition and usable CAD data.

By combining the MetraSCAN and the VXModel software they can now produce full surface meshes of the equipment while maintaining high accuracy throughout.

Data gathered and processed from Creaform equipment and software allows Berry & Escott to push the boundaries of their industry and stay at the forefront of modern engineering.

The Outcome

Having identified scanning as a key development in their industry, not only through the right first time approach, but also for inspection and reverse engineering, they will implement the Creaform scanning equipment in as many processes as possible to optimise existing methods and offer their knowledge and investment to their customers by means of a scanning service.

The Results

  • Highly accurate data sets
  • Adaptable to any shape, or complexity of components
  • Direct to mesh reducing process time, improving delivery times
  • Scan to CAD increasing productivity and efficiency
  • Smart feature extraction allows for reduced discrepancies and human error giving more reliability in the data
  • Ability to generate reports and full meshes to supply the customer
  • Faster data collection reducing site time
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