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Creaform continue to drive the future of in-line and at-line inspection solutions by diversifying the offer of an automated dimensional quality control suite.

As an established Creaform partner we are able to offer the exciting new QC solutions that can adapt to your workflow and your environment, while being easy to use.

The new MetraSCAN-R | BLACK Elite HD offers an optimised field of view for increased performance levels on sheet metal parts. With its 69 laser lines and 3,000,000 measurements/s, this specialised 3D scanner is ideal for the automotive market.

This new version of VXscan-R module is specially made to accommodate custom automated 3D scanning cell layouts, while keeping the ease of use of its digital twin programming software. Whether with a standard CUBE-R turnkey 3D scanning CMM layout or a personalised solution, this intuitive software will make for fast and easy programming.

Exclusive to the R-series products, the new VXelements LTS version is specifically designed for long-term support. It extends the period of software maintenance while also increasing software robustness and dependability by limiting the number of new feature releases.

Several features were added or enhanced in VXmodel, such as Tree view, Cross-section tool or Entity editing, designed to help you structure and reorganise your 3D data and add simplicity and flexibility to your post-treatment operations.

Intended for VXmodel, VXinspect and VXscan-R, the new Multi-instances function of VXelements allows for scanning with the first instance, while editing/inspecting scans or meshes with additional instances simultaneously, saving you precious time during your inspection process.

The recently launched VXelements viewer, a free downloadable version of the platform, now includes VXinspect report creation, which enables various report options and the possibility to import and export report templates to improve collaborative projects’ workflow.

Get the most out of your QC/QA processes today!

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