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We are pleased to announce the release of Metrologic Groups version X4 Products Line V18SP2.

Three new features are provided to improve productivity, innovation and data collection.

 Release of our newest version X4 Products Line V18 SP2 2 

CAD Converter upgrade

Metrologic Group is focused on respecting the CAD format evolutions, in order to offer a seamless experience to their customers. Importing CAD files is often the first step in the user journey when they start their inspection process. CAD is the major reference and needs to be as efficient as possible in terms of respecting geometry and PMI information. Following the CAD format evolution, they have integrated in this new version some important evolution for Creo and JT CAD format.

Release of our newest version X4 Products Line V18 SP2 3 

Feature Inspection Evolution for REVO Scenario

Metrologic Group continue to evolve development for the Renishaw REVO Technology integration with their X4 inspection Suite Metrolog & Silma. Thanks to customer feedback they have improved the distance feature evaluation. Now the scanning REVO technology offers a good measuring point density on both sides of the surface. Thanks to this new functionality, the user can now easily extract a thickness along the edge of the inspected part.

Release of our newest version X4 Products Line V18 SP2 4 


The API company is a historical partner of Metrologic Group, and for many years they have jointly developed inspection solutions for joint customers. They have been discussing the LADAR approach for a while, and now their technical team have integrated this innovated solution. It was previously only available for demonstration, but now it is officially released in this latest version, allowing all users to drive and collect data for their daily manual and automatic inspection process.

The latest release is now available and existing customers can download it in the Metrologic Group Customer Portal.

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