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Introducing Formeon: MSL’s Reverse Engineering Partner


In the world of engineering and manufacturing, innovation often hinges on the ability to understand and recreate existing designs with precision and efficiency. This is where Formeon, MSL’s trusted reverse engineering partner, steps in. Utilising state-of-the-art Creaform 3D Scanning Technology, Formeon specialises in reverse engineering and 3D scanning, offering expertise in capturing intricate components and assemblies with unparalleled accuracy.

At the heart of Formeon’s capabilities is its proficiency in reverse engineering. They excel at reconstructing existing parts or products in full editable CAD format, even when original designs are lost or unavailable. This proficiency unlocks a multitude of engineering workflows, including creating reference CAD models, generating data for obsolete parts, and archiving legacy components—all while preserving the original design intent.

Whether it’s in the automotive, aerospace, or manufacturing sectors, Formeon’s extensive experience in design and engineering ensures precise and reliable results.

Let’s delve into some of their recent case studies to understand the impact of their work across various industries.

Wheelchair Manufacturing

Wheelchair Projects

Wheelchair Manufacturing

This case study details Formeon’s involvement in reverse engineering a wheelchair frame to enhance its design and functionality. They utilised advanced Creaform 3D scanning technology to capture precise measurements of the existing wheelchair frame. They then recreated the frame in CAD software, allowing for modifications to improve performance and user comfort. Through their expertise in reverse engineering, they facilitated the development of innovative wheelchair models that prioritise both functionality and user experience.

Wheelchair Castor forks

The original castor forks were experiencing performance issues, leading to discomfort for wheelchair users. Formeon utilised advanced 3D scanning technology to capture the geometry of the existing forks accurately. Through meticulous analysis and redesign, they enhanced the structural integrity and functionality of the forks, resulting in improved performance and user comfort. The successful outcome demonstrates Formeon’s expertise in reverse engineering and its ability to drive innovation in assistive technology

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Injection Moulded Cover Redesign

Formeon’s client faced challenges with the existing design, including fitment issues and performance limitations. They employed advanced 3D scanning and reverse engineering techniques to analyse the original cover and identify areas for improvement. Through meticulous deviation analysis, they pinpointed deviations between the actual part and the nominal CAD model. Utilising this data, they generated optimised CAD models, enabling the client to redesign the cover for enhanced performance and efficiency and drive innovation in product design and development through precise analysis and optimisation.

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Formeon stands as a leader in form capture and data recreation, empowering companies to overcome engineering challenges and unlock new possibilities. Their mastery of reverse engineering, coupled with cutting-edge Creaform 3D scanning technology, enables precise, reliable, and innovative solutions across diverse industries. As the world continues to evolve, Formeon remains at the forefront of engineering excellence, driving progress through the power of reverse engineering.

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