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3D scanning for verifying compliance and reducing build tolerances to a minimum

M-Sport design, engineer and manufacture motorsport vehicles at the highest level of the industry.

In addition to completing in the World Rally Championship, M-Sport also operate race programs for tier 1 automotive manufactures. Their partnership with Ford allows the company to provide invaluable engineering expertise to a group of award-winning Ford rally cars.

The FIA recently introduced 3D scanning technology to verify compliance of regulations and at the introduction of new car design, the car is fully inspected and 3D scanned by the FIA

In light of this, MSL are now providing Creaform 3D scanning technology to M-Sport, the primary use case being for confirmation of body shell accuracy to verify compliance with those FIA regulations.

Find out more about how the technology has enabled them to continue to produce cars that are not only compliant with FIA regulations, but also allows them to reduce build tolerances to a minimum.

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