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Creaform 3D scanning tools are the world leaders in developing handheld scanner technology designed to speed up the Design, Manufacturing, and Quality Control processes.

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3D scanners are incredibly versatile, impacting almost every part of the manufacturing process from design to QC.

Quality Control

3D scanning provides an exact digital replica of an object, allowing for instant inspection of every aspect of its geometry. This level of detail is critical in identifying deviations from intended design specifications, ensuring that each product meets stringent quality standards.

Moreover, 3D laser scanners are exceptionally efficient at capturing data. They can quickly scan complex objects, significantly reducing the time required for inspection. This rapid data acquisition not only speeds up the quality control process but also enhances its accuracy by eliminating human errors associated with manual measurements.

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Reverse Engineering

3D scanning tools, including laser scanners and blue light 3D scanners, are essential in the field of reverse engineering, enabling the creation of digital models from physical objects with high accuracy and detail. This capability is crucial in various industries, from manufacturing to heritage preservation, where precise replication of original designs is required.

The core benefit of employing 3D scanning equipment in reverse engineering is its ability to capture precise geometrical data of complex shapes and surfaces. This precision is particularly enhanced by blue light 3D scanners, which use blue LED light to achieve higher resolution and lower noise compared to traditional white light scanners. The fidelity of the data captured ensures that engineers can reproduce even the most intricate details of the original object in the digital model.

Laser scanners also play a vital role in reverse engineering. These 3D scanning tools are highly effective at quickly capturing large volumes of data, making them ideal for scanning larger objects. The laser technology is adept at ensuring that every scan produces a dense point cloud, which can then be used to reconstruct an accurate 3D model.

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Rapid Prototyping

3D scanners, particularly professional 3D scanners, handheld 3D scanners, and 3D object scanners, play a crucial role in enhancing the rapid prototyping processes used by engineers. These tools enable the quick and accurate transformation of physical objects into precise digital models, which are essential for iterative design and development.

A professional 3D scanner offers exceptional accuracy, capturing detailed geometrical data from objects of all sizes. This capability allows engineers to swiftly create and refine prototypes, ensuring that each iteration improves upon the last by precisely aligning with design specifications. The ability to quickly generate accurate digital models from physical objects greatly accelerates the prototyping phase, reducing time-to-market and increasing productivity.

Handheld 3D scanners, in particular, offer flexibility and ease of use, enabling engineers to scan objects of various shapes and sizes directly in their environment. This portability is invaluable for capturing data on-site and for applications where the object cannot be easily transported or positioned within a traditional scanning setup.

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Tooling & Fixtures

3D scanners are transformative tools for engineers tasked with designing and creating tooling and fixtures for manufacturing. These devices, particularly professional 3D scanners, facilitate the precise capture of complex geometries, making them invaluable in the production of highly accurate manufacturing aids.

One of the primary benefits of using a professional 3D scanner in the creation of tooling and fixtures is its ability to rapidly convert physical objects into detailed digital models. This capability allows engineers to precisely analyse and adapt existing tools and fixtures for enhanced performance or to design new ones that are optimised for specific manufacturing processes. The high resolution and accuracy provided by these scanners ensure that the digital replicas are true to the original specifications, reducing the likelihood of errors during the manufacturing process.

Additionally, the ability to rapidly prototype tooling and fixtures using data from 3D scanners is a significant advantage. This process not only speeds up the development of these manufacturing aids but also allows for greater iterative testing and refinement. Engineers can quickly produce and test multiple versions of a tool or fixture, ensuring optimal functionality and fit before final production.

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Why Creaform

Creaform delivers portable, precise 3D measurement technologies, ideal for quality control, engineering, and manufacturing across various industries.

Formed in 1998

Global Manufacturer

Creaform develop, manufacturer and market cutting edge portable 3D measurement technologies.

145 Years Experience

Over 22 years experience

Creaform has been working in metrology for over 20 years, developing hardware and software solutions

1,000+ Customers

Training and support

Creaform constantly update and train their engineers in the latest technology and applications


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